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"Not Over You"
Gavin Degraw

Just by reading the title of this song, justifies “Not Over You” as a perfect track in The Great Gatsby movie. Jay Gatsby, the man who seems has everything, actually has nothing. Despite his riches, and fame, Jay Gatsby is missing his first love, the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan. Daisy Buchanan impatiently left Gatsby, who was at war, for her husband, Tom. When Gatsby and Daisy were dating years ago, Gatsby was living a lie. He lied to Daisy about his money and status to appeal to her. Devastated and beside himself that she moved on, Gatsby created his new rich and lavish life to earn Daisy’s love back. Quite similarly to Gatsby, the singer in “Not Over You Yet”, returns as a better man than he was before, “Even better than the old me.” Now Gatsby is the man of Daisy’s dreams. On the other hand, Daisy was always the woman of his dreams. In fact, Daisy is considered Gatsby’s American dream. In order to get closer to his dream, Gatsby moved to a house across the bay from Daisy’s house. “ He stretched his arms out across the dark water…”(pg. 25) He is longing for Daisy but all he has is his dreams of her just like the song, “Dreams, that’s where I have to go to see your beautiful face anymore…” She still remains a dream. Clearly, Gatsby is not over Daisy and never will be. This song should be played at the point when Gatsby and Daisy reunite at Nick’s house for the first time in five years. Despite the fact that Gatsby had been heart broken by Daisy, he still wants to meet her again, just like the song, “You took this heart and out it through hell, but I still think you’re magnificent." This encounter is very awkward for all three of them. “Gatsby got himself into a shadow and while Daisy and I talked looked conscientiously from one to the other of us with tense unhappy eyes… As calmness wasn’t an end in itself, I made an excuse at the first possible moment and got to my feet.” (pg. 92) After leaving Gatsby and Daisy alone for some time, Nick reentered the room to find Gatsby happier than ever. "I had the chance to renew," Gatsby did just that. The song’s message is saying that I am waiting for you even though you have hurt me. So this song playing during this scene in the movie would be telling Gatsby’s story as he was telling it Daisy in a heavy mood.


"Nothing Else"
Matthew West

This song, “Nothing else”, perfectly depicts the life of Jay Gatsby. He has all the money in the world but he is still empty, for he is missing love, just like lyrics. Exactly like singer’s lyrics, Gatsby throws a lavish party with food, drinks, entertainment, and invited who he thought were friends. "The wind had blown off leaving a loud bright night..." (pg 25) In reality, these people only came to the party for its material aspects and the night wasnt all that great and bright. “Still I try friendship . I called everyone I knew and invited them over for a party. They ate all the free food. And they told me how much they loved me. But when the food was gone, My friends were gone and there I was alone. Empty.” This part of the song best fits Gatsby because his party’s purposes were to lure Daisy in. However, he did not lure her in and so he still felt lonely with hundreds of people at his party. Gatsby just wants Daisy and “nothing else can replace of her.” As the song continues, the singer sounds even more like Gatsby. “ Not friends or money or alcohol. None of these things, believe me. You can try them all. Not status, not success. I know none of these things will ever bring true happiness.” As mentioned before, Gatsby is beyond rich and has the money to buy anything he fancies. Just like the above excerpt of “Nothing Else”, he is not happy nor will be, without love. Money cannot buy love, which is the only thing Gatsby desires. Nothing else matters to him except Daisy. This song should be playing during Gatsby’s party. Gatsby should be looking over his guest in search of Daisy. It would make a huge impact to see a crazy, bright, fun party through Gatsby lonely, quiet, dark, sad eyes with this song in the background. It would created two moods, a happy mood for the amazing party and a depressed lonely mood for Gatsby. This song would definitely enhance Gatsby struggle for true happiness when fake happiness is right in front of him.


Natalie Imbruglia

This song, “Torn” takes on the perspective of Daisy. Obviously Daisy was once in love with Gatsby and then moved to what she thought was a wonderful, caring, rich, husband, Tom. However, she starts to lose touch with Tom because of an affair he is having. Staring to lose touch with Tom, her relationship with Gatsby grew. “Well you couldn’t be that man I adored," is just what Daisy is thinking about Tom. "You don’t seem to know or seem to care what your heart is for." It does not seem TOm is all that interested in Daisy any more. Hs is too preoccupied with his status and his affair. "Well I don’t know him anymore”, this excerpt from the song is what Daisy is exactly feeling about Tom. However, despite what Gatsby wants to hear, she did love Tom. Scared and torn she had to admit she loved them both. “Even alone I can’t say I never loved tom. It wouldn’t be true… As if it mattered to you [tom].” (pg. 140) She loved Tom and the memoires she shared with him, but she loves Gatsby and their past. However, Gatsby came into the picture little late just like in the song, “You’re a little late, I’m already torn”. She found new love and made a life, she is torn to go back with Gatsby. The perfect scene to go with this song in the fight in New York between Tom and Gatsby. They are fighting for her love when she admits to loving them both. The song would add emphasis on how Daisy feels creating an even more tense mood.