Bill Withers- Use me
Use Me lyrics
The song "Use Me", by Bill Withers describes Gatsby and Daisy's relationship as well as Tom and Daisy's relationship . Gatsby wants Daisy to love him again even if she just wants his money. He does not care. "Her voice was full money." (Gatsby. Pg 127). Daisy is greedy and left Gatsby because he was not rich and could not support the lifestyle she wanted. When Daisy left Gatsby she married a man named Tom. He was extremely wealthy and his large wealth attracted Daisy. The speaker of the song's girlfriend is just using him until there is nothing for her to take from him. "Girl, you just keep on using me until you use me up." Gatsby spent 5 years of his life working hard just so he could become successful and rich in order to please Daisy. Once he became wealthy, Daisy was ready to leave Tom. Daisy basically used Tom up till there was no love anymore and tried going to Gatsby. Tom is also using Daisy so he can fit the lifestyle people expect him too. The song speaks, "Cause I sure am usin you to do the things you do."
"Use Me", would be good if it were placed during the scene when Gatsby, Tom, Daisy,and Nick are all having lunch downtown after Daisy says, "I never loved him." (Pg 139). She is talking about Tom. Daisy makes it seem as though she was just with Tom for his money. The song has a tone like the singer knows his girlfriend is using him, but he is still with her. This is just like how Tom and Gatsby feel. They know Daisy cares a lot about money and a luxurious lifestyle, but they both want her.

Miss Saigon-The American Dream
The American Dream Lyrics

The song "The American Dream", by Miss Saigon describes Gatsby's dream to have the perfect life. Gatsby wants to be with Daisy. He has worked very hard to give himself a name and to become very wealthy. He seems to be living the American Dream. He is throwing incredible parties every week, is making a lot of money,has nice cars, a big house, but no one to enjoy it with. The speaker of the song wants to live the American dream and he believes that in order to do so a person has to make a lot of money. "What's that I smell in the air, the American dream, sweet as a new millionaire." Gatsby becomes a millionaire so he can impress others as well as Daisy. "She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me." (Pg 137. Gatsby). He truly just wants to be with Daisy and has made all his money in order and try to win her back from Tom. She is the one who wants all of those nice things that Gatsby has. She wants to live the American dream.
It would be perfect if "The American Dream" would be placed when Gatsby is throwing his inconceivable parties. This would really show how every American during the 1920s wanted to live a life where they could throw parties like Gatsby does. The man who sings the song makes his voice sound greedy. This is just like how Daisy is greedy and uses Gatsby and Tom so she can live the American dream.

Broken Lyrics
The song "Broken," by Lifehouse describes Gatsby's dream of being with Daisy. The speaker of the song says, "In the pain, there is healing. In your name I find meaning. So i'm holdin' on,i'm holdin' on. I'm barely holdin' on to you. Gatsby still believes that he can get Daisy back even though she has been with Tom for five years. He keeps holding on to his dream of being with her. Gatsby is really wasting his time because Daisy just wants his money and does not truly care about him. "After she was free, they were to go back to Louisville and be married from her house-- just as if it were five years ago." (Pg116. Nick). Gatsby is living in the past and will not let go of Daisy.
"Broken," would be good if it were placed during the scene where Gatsby is telling Nick how he wants to marry Daisy and repeat the past. The mood of the song is very gloomy. The singer is trying to hold onto his life, but it is almost impossible for him to since he got into a terrible car accident. This is much like how Gatsby is trying to hold on to his dream of marrying Daisy. She is already married to Tom who is wealthy. She no longer needs Gatsby. She is not in love with him anymore so there is noway that his dream is even possible.