StayStay: Mayday Parade
The song, "Stay," by Mayday Parade accurately describes the way Gatsby feels about Daisy. Gatsby desperately wants Daisy to fall back in love with him. He is so concerned the night before they are to meet again, the next day Gatsby, "...was pale and there were dark signs of sleeplessness beneath his eyes." (89) The song speaks, "Oh can you tell, I haven't slept very well, since the last time that we spoke..." In both cases, being with the girl is the most important thing to them and the men lose sleep when they are not around. Daisy is the light in Gatsby's life. She is often connected with brightness and the colors yellow and gold because she oozes wealth and to Gatsby, that is exactly what she is. Often, "...her dress gleamed in the sunlight." (95) Similarly to Gatsby, the speaker of the song decides that, "I'd be blessed by the light of your company, slowly lifting me to somewhere new." Both Daisy and the intended receiver of the song bring light to the world of the men they left behind.

"Stay," would be good if it were placed during the portrayal of Gatsby's death or during Gatsby's funeral when nobody attends, not even Daisy. The song has a very depressing tone and a desperate mood. This is very similar to the disheartening tone and mood of the book. Daisy has truly left Gatsby when she doesn't attend his funeral. Although she may have cared for Gatsby at one point, clearly she does not care enough anymore to go to his funeral. She left him and shows it by leaving him alone in death, without saying goodbye.

DaisyDaisy: The Maine
"Daisy," written by The Maine shows how unwilling Gatsby is to find somebody else other than Daisy and move on with his life. Gatsby is holding out for Daisy to come back into his life. Daisy lives across the bay and one night Gatsby, "...stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and as far as I was from him I could have swarm he was trembling." (25-26) Gatsby will forever wait for Daisy just like the man in the song. He decides, "...and if it takes all night, I swear I'll wait, for you, forever." Gatsby has been waiting for 5 years and knows, to the day, the amount of time since he and Daisy had broken up. He is clearly willing to wait forever to be with Daisy again. Daisy is also very superficial. She married Tom because he was extremely wealthy. Gatsby knows this and is able to discern that, "Her voice is full of money." (127) Gatsby worked hard and made as much money as possible to buy a large house and throw magnificent parties to impress Daisy. Everything that he does is for Daisy. The speaker of the song feels the same way. He decides, "Sunlight, sunshine, all for you my Daisy. We're getting this before you leave, all for you my Daisy." Both these men are so obsessed with their lost love, that they will do or buy anything for them.

"Daisy," should be played when Daisy is getting a tour of Gatsby's house for the first time. The song has a hopeful tone and a desperate mood just like Gatsby. As hopeful as he is that he and Daisy will get back together in the end, he bought the most expensive houses and throws parties that he does not enjoy as acts of desperation to get Daisy back. All Daisy wants out of life is to be rich and comfortable and Gatsby intends to get her back by making her even richer and more comfortable, just like the man in the song.

yellow_carHollywood Died: Yellowcard
"Hollywood Died," by Yellowcard portrays Daisy and the mess she makes of Gatsby's life. After Gatsby's death, Nick realizes that Daisy, "...smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into [her] money or [her] carelessness..." (187-188) Daisy just enjoyed her life and did not pay attention to the destruction in her wake. The lyrics of the song describe her as just wanting, "The night life, the high life, she just wants the good life." Then, the song describes the car crash Daisy caused. "Accidents out on the highway to somewhere...rescuers working to clean up the crashes, before she can see what they've done..." The "rescuers," would be Gatsby. He took the fall for Daisy before Daisy really realizes what she has done. Daisy is not a good person. Money comes before love for her and everything she does is to keep the money Tom supplies her with.

"Hollywood Died," would be in the movie at the point when Daisy hits and kills Myrtle. The song is fast paced with a rapid tone, but has a saddening mood. What happened to Myrtle was a great tragedy and brought the rich superficial people in the book from their happy little world back to earth but only for a moment. But it happens so fast and everyone, except Mr. Wilson, goes back to their happy world, pretending nothing happened as quick as they were brought down.

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