Throughout the play Othello, the characters that make references towards hell are the ones who do evil acts.

"I do hate him as I do hell"(Iago I i 172).
In this quote Iago is telling Roderigo that he hates Othello as much as he hates hell. He hates Othello because he is racist towards black people. Another reason why Iago hates him is because Othello is richer and in the eyes of Iago he has a better life than him. As a result of this Iago is extremely jealous of Othello. Iago is using the word hell because he is evil in the beginning of the book. Because Iago is evil and hates Othello he plots against him, by making him believe his wife is cheating on him. Iago hopes that this will make Othello's life miserable.

"O, devil, devil! If that the earth could team with the Woman's tears. Each drop would prove a crocodile".(IV i 273-274)
In this quote Othello is in an argument with Lodovico. Lodovico says that hitting a women is unknown of in Venice. Othello is arguing that hitting Desdemona is justifiable because she has done the most evil thing. Othello is very angry because he believes that Desdemona has been cheating on him with Cassio. The reason why he believes this is because Iago gave him very convincing evidence to believe so. In the beginning of the play Iago was the one who shouted hell because he was evil, but as the play went on he passed his darkness to Othello. As a result, Othello is now saying "devil" because he is evil.

"She's like a liar gone to burning hell"(V ii 159)
In this quote Othello is in an argument with Emilia. Emilia doesn't understand how Othello could be sick enough to kill his wife Desdemona. Othello argues that his killing was justifiable due to his belief that Desdemona has slept with Cassio. Iago convinces Othello to believe so through an elaborate plot. He then calls her a liar because she wouldn't confess to Othello's belief that she cheated on him. Othello is now the one who curses "devil" and "hell" because he has done the unthinkable, which is killing his wife, and is now completely evil.