The song "If It Kills Me" by Jason Mraz gives the same feeling as how all Gatsby really wants is Daisy's love. In the song, it says "all I really want to do is love you," which is how Gatsby feels about Daisy. Everything that Gatsby does is for Daisy, he has been trying to impress her all this time just to get her back again. Jordan Baker even says to Nick that "Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay." (79) Gatsby bought this large expensive house with many appea;s to it, but all he really wanted from it was to be right across the bay from daisy. While he has gotten all this money and these expensive things, all he really wants is to love and be loved by Daisy. Throughout the song, the line "I will find a way to you if it kills me," is repeated, which is how Gatsby feels about Daisy. Gatsby spent so much time of his life trying to figure out a way to get Daisy back again. Jordan tells Nick, "I think he half expected her to wander into one of parties, some night." (80) Gatsby threw all these parties in hopes that Daisy might come to when. Eventually, he realized she never would, so he planned the meeting between her and Nick. Gatsby did both of these things just trying to find a way to Daisy. Also, in the end of the song it says, "I think it might kill me," which turns out to be appropriate in the end when Gatsby dies. This song could play when Nick sees Gatsby trembling and reaching out across the bay towards where we later find out is Daisy's house. That way, the song is almost a bit of foreshadowing that what he is reaching for is something that he is desperately trying to find a way to.
The song "Can't Stop" by Maroon 5 shows similar feelings towards a girl as Gatsby feels towards Daisy. In the song, the lyrics "I can't stop thinking about you," are repeated many times. In the novel it is clear that Gatsby has never stopped thinking about Daisy. For example, when Daisy says that she and Gatsby haven't seen eachother in a long time, Gatsby responds with by saying, "Five years next November." (88) All those years that have passed that Daisy forgot about Gatsby, her love for him, and got married to Tom, Gatsby was still quite in love with Daisy. So in live, that he kept track of the exact that passed since he last saw her and probably hadn't stopped thinking about her since that day. Also in the song it says, "What I would give to have you look in my direction, and I'd give my life to somehow attract your attention," which is exactly how Gatsby feels about Daisy. He spent so much time acquiring so much wealth and it was all for Daisy. All this time he has been trying to find a way for Daisy to notice him again. This song could play when he is about to get her attention again when Nick invites Daisy for tea and Gatsby goes over too. After so much time, Gatsby would be about to get her to notice him again when the song is playing.
The song "Half of My Heart" by John Mayer describes Daisy's situation with Gatsby and Nick. The song is about how the person loves someone with only half of their heart. In the book Daisy says, "I did love hime once--but I loved you too." (133) Daisy is saying that she loved Tom, but at the same time she loved and still loves Gatsby. Half of her heart belongs to Gatsby and the other half to her husband, Tom. This is all very similar to when in the song it says, "I can't stop lovin' you with half of my heart." Gatsby tells Nick, "Your wife doesn't love you...She loves me." (131) Daisy can't stop loving Gatsby and didn't stop loving him even when half of her heart belonged to Tom. This song could play when Tom is finding out about how Daisy loves Gatsby, but also loved him. That way the song gives the feeling that Daisy's heart is, or at least was, split in two.